Suzuki Swift Sport – HKS TRB04

17 Nov

The HKS TRB (Tsukuba Record Breaker) series has seen it’s evolution and progress from the TRB01, the Altezza to the TRB02, the Evolution 8 and the TRB03, the Toyota 86. All these cars were built for one reason, to conquer the Tsukuba Circuit.

While the Suzuki Swift Sport series might not be the fastest cars that were ever built, they definitely position themselves as one of the most fun cars to ever set foot in the Motorsports scene. HKS had announced that they will be featuring the Suzuki Swift Sport as one of the TRBs quite some time back, and it took a while, but they are finally in the testing stages to ready the car for its’ big day!

During the testing phase, the HKS TRB04 donned the infamous full carbon wide body kit. To many, this was already a deal breaker to fall in love all over again with the Swift Sports. It transformed this pocket rocket into a gnarly, aggressive monster that defines what the TRBs are really all about. The best part? Everything has been powered by HKS, namely the Engine, Suspension, Exhaust, Intake, Cooling, Turbo and more!

Of course, everyone is interested to know how fast the HKS TRB04 really is, and what kind of timings this beast will achieve on the actual day itself. Other Japanese and European aftermarket manufacturers have already begun their race to research and develop modifications for this car. Back at Tokyo Auto Salon 2018, this car already became the flagship model to be advertised at every booth (almost). The whole hype catalyzed a chain reaction and now, we can only imagine how many more parts and customization will be available in 2019!

Despite a lot of other tuning companies jumping on the bandwagon, HKS is still one of the biggest players in the global market and everyone has extremely high expectations for HKS to perform. Furthermore, the Motorsports scene is all about catching up to the latest models available and creating a lineup of products that are quickly available and accessible for the market. HKS has done well to ride the Swift Sport wave and they have paved their way to create one of the biggest, or if not, the BIGGEST and HOTTEST eyecandy there ever was for the Suzuki Swift Sport!!

Stay tuned for more action and news!

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