06 Nov

It has been nearly a decade since the release of a Garage R edition performance car. In the past, these cars constituted of the infamous Honda Civics (EG and EKs), followed by the Mitsubishi Evolutions (CT9A and CZ4As) and finally the Nissan GTRs (R35). It was partly due to the fact that we were very much involved in the racing scene, having won more than 100 races both locally and overseas. Garage R has always been at the forefront of the motorsport’s scene, and having big brands such as HKS, DIxcel, etc providing the highest quality of performance products definitely helps.

Fast forward to today’s motorsport or track scene, there are a bulk of older cars that continue to drive to the Sepang International Circuit to attempt to set personal best timings such as the Civic Type R (FD2R), S2000s, Evolution IX/X, etc and more. While there might have been other notable Japanese performance cars that have appeared in the last few years such as the Civic Type Rs (FK2R and FK8R) and the Toyota 86/ Subaru BRZ, there has been nothing quite like the Suzuki Swift Sport ZC33S in terms of affordability, fun and potential that you can squeeze out of it’s K14C boosterjet engine. The fact that it has an aluminium light weight chassis (970 KG) will also cause its weight to power/ torque ratio to be amazingly low, and we can all agree that for a turbo-charged car, that is extremely important. Interestingly, the first ever Suzuki Swift Sport ZC33S challenged the Sepang International Circuit on a night track day and clocked a timing of 2.43.928 for its first run. (Read more at ) This result was very impressive, and it has led us to believe that the Suzuki Swift Sport ZC33S might be a suitable and potential candidate as a seasoned track goer.

Introducing the Garage R ZC33S. This car’s setup will be built strictly with the close supervision of the Garage R Management. There is no fixed indication of the final horsepower that the car will achieve nor will we disclose all the parts that we will be fixing on the car right now. The main aim, however, is to set a good benchmark to other Suzuki Swift Sport ZC33S out there in Singapore, and of course, to strive for better timings at Sepang International Circuit as well.  After all, the Suzuki Swift Sport ZC33S is a performance car, and it has been a global hit all around the world too. By intending to create the Garage R ZC33S, it will definitely raise some eyebrows to people around the world, especially in the Suzuki Swift (Sport) community and network.

Are you excited? Because we will start to install the goodies onto the Garage R ZC33S very soon!

The First Ever Suzuki Swift Sport ZC33S At Sepang, Malaysia

20 Aug

Yes!!!! It is official, the brand new Suzuki Swift Sport ZC33S has seen it’s debut during the ACM X Garage R Track Day at the Sepang International Circuit!

There were high expectations for the 1.4 Turbo Boosterjet Suzuki Swift Sport to perform, especially since it is a car that has been globally recognized as a pocket rocket that has tons of potential, given it’s light weight capabilities with an impressive weight and power to torque ratio (possibly the best we have ever seen!)! What’s more, this ZC33S has been upgraded with performance parts from HKS, Cusco and Dixcel and ECU-tuned to a whopping 197 BHP.

Please refer below to the current setup:

1. HKS Spec L Exhaust
Designed with the idea of weight reduction for performance.
2. HKS Metal Catalyzer
Large diameter piping with smooth bend angles for better power and response
3. HKS Hipermax 4 SP
Best handling and grip for cornering and stability
4. HKS Blow Off Valve
Pull-type relief design that produces super sound
5. HKS Turbo GT3
Bigger diameter of compressor and turbine wheel to increase maximum flow rate
6. HKS Intercooler
Specially designed core is twice bigger than stock capacity with smoother piping layout
7. HKS Power Editor
Simple plug and play to increase boost pressure
8. Cusco Rear Sway Bar
Reduced body roll and larger diameter and steel strength bar which improves stability
9. Cusco Front Strut Bar
Essential to prevent misalignment of suspension mounting points experienced during high cornering loads
10. Dixcel Front & Rear Brake Rotors/ Pads
Better braking performance and stopping power
11. Dimsport Ecu Tuning
Vehicle dramatically achieves better torque and engine responsiveness

Although this ZC33S is decked with a slew of aftermarket markets as shown above, it is also equipped with a bulky sound system and sound proofing material all around the car that easily adds a good amount of weight! Despite the additional weight, the car still managed to achieve an impressive timing of 2.43.928 for it’s first run at the Sepang International Circuit. Of course there are many other improvements that the car has yet to do, including intake and cooling upgrades. As turbo-charged cars are more prone to overheating due to higher temperatures caused by the turbocharger, the ZC33S was unable to attempt more laps due to rising oil temperatures as well.

Overall, it was a good show put on by this Burning Red Suzuki Swift Sport ZC33S! The super sound created by the HKS Blow Off Valve and HKS Spec L Exhaust system definitely piqued the interest of many onlookers who were excited to see the car zoom past the holding pits. Hopefully, we will be seeing more and more Swift Sports on the road and on the track soon enough! For potential owners who are looking for a weekend track car or even a daily drive, the ZC33S will be able to do both equally as well, providing a 16.3km/litre fuel consumption while displaying performance car characteristics! For existing owners, this will definitely be a good benchmark that has been set for you if you are intending to clock your very own timings at the Sepang International Circuit!

National Day Promo For The Red/ White Units!

10 Jul

National Day is coming and that it is that time of the year to get all patriotic again!

Pick a Burning Red or Pearl White Suzuki Swift Sport ZC33S Manual today and be awarded with a complimentary HKS Spec L Exhaust worth $1780 (rrp)! It is too good to be true! Offer lasts until August only.

Suzuki Swift Sport Review By Lester Wong, Founder Of Garage R

22 Dec

Lester Wong is the founder of Garage R in 1994 and have since participated in several races in different parts of the ASEAN region and have clocked absurd hot lap timings that have yet to be defeated yet. He was also nicknamed the “Rain Master” as he was undefeated back in his active days as a Racer when it was it was raining or when the roads were wet. Till today, Lester Wong remains partly involved in the motorsports scene as he has since moved to other commitments. He was cordially invited to do a review of the Brand New Suzuki Swift Sports ZC33S and we are all excited and lucky to have him back.


Lester narrowed down this review into to sub-parts namely Suspension (Handling) and Power (Acceleration). From his experience, he gave pointers to the technical aspects of the car. The review took place at Lower Pierce Reservoir, which was Lester’s ideal place to take any car for a spin to test the car.



When approaching and tackling bends, you can really test the grip and handling of a car, and for the Swift Sport, you can feel each wheel planted very strongly to the road surface. It is highly predictable with these factory tyres that we are on. Also, there is some noticeable under-steer at the limit. It is normal as this car is also a front wheel drive. All you need to do is to back off the throttle a little to get back on to the track. There are speed-bumps along this path as well, and the suspension absorbs it very nicely. Whenever you have a lighter chassis with a shorter wheel base, you tend to compromise the ride and handling of the car, but somehow the Suzuki engineers managed to pull it off with an excellent suspension geometry, spring and absorber damping rates. They have really put in alot of effort in the suspension department to produce this sort of linear damping. I also know that these shock absorbers are manufactured by Monroe, which explains alot of the handling power.

Overall, the car picks up all the paths very nicely. It has the firmness that the suspension offers but yet it is not to the extent of it being too harsh. The body roll itself is also minimal and the fact that this car is right out of the box from the factory in Japan is really amazing because the handling in itself is amazing. Can i also say one more thing? This car is spacious enough as well and I personally think that it is a good car for a family like mine. Suzuki has really outdone themselves.



I know that i read off the net that this car was light, but i did not expect this kind of power or torque to weight ratio. I mean, the lightness of the vehicle weight can be felt right off the line. Well i guess that is the main focal point for these performance-oriented cars… for power to weight ratio to match. It is great, and there is virtually no turbo lag despite the small engine displacement. This can be attributed to modern turbo charger designs with integrated exhaust manifolds. It’s brilliant man. The chassis as well, can definitely handle more power. It feels rigid and this really minds me of the good old days racing.

The Engine has a soft rev limiter programmed into it, which is gentle to the engine’s crankshaft. Good news to the weekend track heroes. It will be ideal if they raise their factory rev limit by another 500rpm though… This engine is also equipped with a manual turbo actuator. That means you can fit a boost controller and crank up another 20-30 hp easily. I think HKS has already gotten these figured out as well. Definitely a must for the car. Also, the fuel mixture tends to be richer from the factory so it is still safe. The in-gear acceleration is even better than expected. Fantastic. I do not believe this car does only 8 seconds. From what i have just felt driving, it seems much faster. Also, I realized that the boost kicks in at 2.5k rpm which is fine. I think this car has alot of potential and i think current owners will lavish in the brilliant set up that the Suzuki Swift Sport brings to the table. This was really enjoyable, although now… my hand is a little tired from all the shifting (haha).

Suzuki Swift Sport – HKS TRB04

17 Nov

The HKS TRB (Tsukuba Record Breaker) series has seen it’s evolution and progress from the TRB01, the Altezza to the TRB02, the Evolution 8 and the TRB03, the Toyota 86. All these cars were built for one reason, to conquer the Tsukuba Circuit.

While the Suzuki Swift Sport series might not be the fastest cars that were ever built, they definitely position themselves as one of the most fun cars to ever set foot in the Motorsports scene. HKS had announced that they will be featuring the Suzuki Swift Sport as one of the TRBs quite some time back, and it took a while, but they are finally in the testing stages to ready the car for its’ big day!

During the testing phase, the HKS TRB04 donned the infamous full carbon wide body kit. To many, this was already a deal breaker to fall in love all over again with the Swift Sports. It transformed this pocket rocket into a gnarly, aggressive monster that defines what the TRBs are really all about. The best part? Everything has been powered by HKS, namely the Engine, Suspension, Exhaust, Intake, Cooling, Turbo and more!

Of course, everyone is interested to know how fast the HKS TRB04 really is, and what kind of timings this beast will achieve on the actual day itself. Other Japanese and European aftermarket manufacturers have already begun their race to research and develop modifications for this car. Back at Tokyo Auto Salon 2018, this car already became the flagship model to be advertised at every booth (almost). The whole hype catalyzed a chain reaction and now, we can only imagine how many more parts and customization will be available in 2019!

Despite a lot of other tuning companies jumping on the bandwagon, HKS is still one of the biggest players in the global market and everyone has extremely high expectations for HKS to perform. Furthermore, the Motorsports scene is all about catching up to the latest models available and creating a lineup of products that are quickly available and accessible for the market. HKS has done well to ride the Swift Sport wave and they have paved their way to create one of the biggest, or if not, the BIGGEST and HOTTEST eyecandy there ever was for the Suzuki Swift Sport!!

Stay tuned for more action and news!

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All Eyes On The Suzuki Swift Sport

23 Oct
All around the world, the Suzuki Swift Sport has become a global icon from the Suzuki manufacturers. From the infamous ZC31S that introduced another level of Fun & Spirited Driving back 10 years ago, to the ZC32S that kept pushing boundaries for track and lap timings… the baton has been successfully passed on to the all new ZC33S to continue the legacy.
At Garage R, we are proud that we are the FIRST and ONLY ones in Singapore to put the latest Brand New Suzuki Swift Sport (ZC33S) on the road! We are intending to spearhead many exciting things for this model because this car has become the highlight for many autoshows around the world, and has quickly become the best seller in Japan and Australia.
We are also the Official & Exclusive Distributors of HKS, the world’s LARGEST aftermarket distributor, having spanned across 5 continents with multiple dealers all over the world. We are proud to say that this partnership with HKS has allowed us to package such cars with aftermarket parts, giving customers the ability to customize their cars with us without getting their warranty voided.
Who said you can’t get the best of both worlds? A fun-filled brand new car that boasts a 1.4 turbo boosterjet engine (140bhp) that weighs less than a ton, combined with a comprehensive list of HKS parts to become THE POCKET ROCKET THAT IT SHOULD BE. Also, we went to the Tokyo Auto Salon 2018 and we were surprised to see Monster, Cusco, Greenline and other big Motorsports names with their very own Swift Sport Project car. HKS Japan has announced that there will be whopping 400 horsepower Swift Sport that will released very soon as well.
For the current owners of the Suzuki Swift Sport, congratulations on your purchase and we can guarantee that this journey with your car will be an exhilarating ride. For future owners, we welcome you to drop us an email at to express your interest. For fellow workshops/ car dealers/ third party vendors who are looking to do something exciting with us, feel free to drop us an email as well. With that, let us begin our Suzuki Swift Sport story.