The new Suzuki Swift Sport ZC33 rests on the “HEARTECT” platform, a new-generation Suzuki platform that delivers enhanced fundamental vehicle performance through light weight and high rigidity.

In development, Suzuki engineers executed a comprehensive overhaul of the ZC33’s underbody structure and component layout that has resulted in the replacement of the segmented frame of the previous platform with a continuous frame that increases underbody stiffness.

The new frame is characterised by a smooth, curving form that efficiently disperses energy, enhancing collision safety. Overall body rigidity has been further improved with an increase in spot welds, improving steering-yaw rate linearity and control.

In addition to the “HEARTECT” platform and the lightweight, shock-absorbing “TECT” body, detailed optimisation of interior parts, seats and other components has resulted in a total kerb weight of just 970kg.

Consequently, the torque-to-weight ratio of the new Suzuki Swift Sport ZC33 is approximately 4.2kg/N⋅m, making it the most competitive, and yet safest, hot hatch model arriving on Singapore shores.